Rebel Witch Magick Open Ritual

An online ceremony drawing on ancient magical traditions to recognise the creative potential of the Earth and ourselves.

Our online rituals and gatherings are beautiful, powerful, and inspiring.

Experience your inner radiance, recognise the cycles of the year, and connect with universal energies, meet and connect with this vibrant community of witches on…

Monday 20th September
7 – 9pm
Location: Zoooooooom – The magickal arena where the boundaries of space do not exist!
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open ritual

The ritual will be focussed on aligning ourselves with the cycle of the year and recognising how we reflect the cycles of nature. By aligning with each phase of the natural progression of the seasons, we can consciously participate in, and benefit from, the gifts of each phase. We can experience how our lives reflect the many dimensions of a living cyclical system.

In this secular/non-denominational/belief free ritual and ceremony, we will be raising a circle together – acknowledging the presence of all life around us (earth, water, fire, air, the sky above, and the ground beneath our feet) with powerful words and symbolic actions.

There will be magick, meditation, journeying, chanting, and communing. This ritual will be deep and poignant, and also celebratory and affirming.

If you haven’t done a ritual/ceremony like this before, you are very welcome to join in and everything will be explained as we go along.

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With Love,

Lilith x

Autumn Equinox