Have you met YOU?

Powerful Meditations to encounter your inner-self and heal from the deepest core of your unconscious.

For self-knowledge, self-healing, self-love, and self-empowerment.

  • Do you ever find yourself over-reacting to situations but when you look back you don’t understand why?
  • Do you have an internal dialogue of fear or self-deprecation?
  • Do you wish your mind would quieten down, even for a minute?
  • Do you get anxious or stressed but don’t know the reason?
  • Do you want to make sense of your fears and behaviours?
  • Would you love to know who you are, deep down?

This course is a study of the inner-self. Each lesson taking you deeper, each week giving you greater understanding and more powerful tools.

During this course you will…

  • Understand your internal motivations.
  • Discover how your inner fearful thoughts are created.
  • Clear your past and rewrite your neurological pathways.
  • Change your body-mind environment and trigger changes in your DNA.
  • Develop your intuition.
  • Enhance your psychic ability.
  • Expand consciousness.
  • Meet the empowered you.
  • Meet your inner guru.
  • Awaken your inner mystic.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand how to get to the root cause of your unhelpful thinking and behaviour.
  • Know how to respond rather than react to challenging situations.
  • Have the tools to rewrite some of your neurological pathways by creating a more healing internal environment for your body-mind.
  • Be totally clear why self-love is absolutely necessary to your healing process.
  • Have learned the three most powerful healing meditations.

If you feel that this is exactly what you need, you can start right now by enrolling on this course.

It is well known that meditation has the effect of calming, relaxing, and quietening the mind. However, these are only small and somewhat superficial values of the practice.

But the deeper core of meditation practice is THIS:

When your thoughts are quiet, your deeper consciousness will repair itself.

During regular meditation, while your mind is still, your innate self-healer will go to the places where the fearful triggers were set down and it will bring them to the surface, giving you the opportunity to heal them. When paying attention to your body and your sensations during this stillness, physical pain, injuries, and even illness can be repaired or improved.

This course takes you step-by-step through 3 extremely powerful meditation processess.

Hi, I’m Lilith,

I’ve been teaching non-religious mysticism for over 30 years. In this Ebook I share with you a collection of my most powerful healing meditation processes, as well as a full explanation of how and why these work so well and so deeply. I have also included a guided meditation and soundscape video to help you with your practice.


You will, very soon.

Lilith x