Myth, Magick, and Religion, 4 week course.

Are you aware of your own divinity?

Can you see your true power?

Do you allow yourself to fully express your true being?

This course will help to remove the constraints that have been placed on you – the constraints that have kept you small.

It’s your time to shine!

Lilith Speaks:

“I see you.

Can you see yourself?

You are HERE, and you are NOW – a beautiful manifestation of divinity. I love you… I love All that you are.

Within you I can see the reflection of all aspects of the great divine wisdom. I can see in you all vibration and all connection. You are love, you are ecstasy, you are infinite light, you are being, you are bliss, and you are Truth.

You are the divine manifest.

You are All of nature and the universe.

Go out into the wild and commune with all that you are. Roar your song into the furthest reaches of the universe. Love with shameless passion and speak your powerful words of creation. Dance your story and embrace All.

Fear no more… you are free.

I bow to you with absolute reverence.

I love you because I am you.

I am God…

and so are you.”

The most important aims in my life and work are:

– to continue to remind women and marginalised people of all genders about the misogyny in religion and spirituality so they can work to avoid its influence over them whilst on a spiritual path.

– to share the knowledge I have reclaimed from ancient mysticism and making the tools available and accessible to everyone who wants to shift into an empowered paradigm of understanding about themselves and their place in this world.

– to help women and marginalised people of all genders to heal from the deep ancestral grief and pain, caused by the misogyny that has been created by patriarchal religion and culture, by sharing tools of magick, philosophy, and psychology, and creating self-empowerment with communities of empowered and compassionate people.

So perhaps it’s time to take a great big juicy bite?

Let’s reclaim the Knowledge from the Garden of Eden!

Join this powerful 4 week course and ritual to clear unwanted patriarchal and religious interventions in your psyche and then to embody your autonomous power.

It’s an interacive process where we meet in Zoom once-per-week to get to know each other, discuss what we’ve been reading, and raise questions.

This is an opportunity for you to work directly with me. I will personally walk you through the process and hold your hand every step of the way.

We will begin on Monday 6th September with the first gathering on Wednesday 8th.

Not only will you discover the everything I’ve already mentioned, but you will also gain even more!

To me, the impact of patriarchal religion on individuals (and especially those who practice mysticism and magick) has been immense and therefore it’s a major part of what motivates me – to help people undo the damage that has been done to them.

The course consists of 4 parts:

Week 1 – Reading, contemplating, and discussing the first chapter (around 3000 words, online gathering will be for an hour):

  • Powerful revelations about how patriarchal religious leadership stole and manipulated ancient magical knowledge that was meant to be yours, and how these lies have infiltrated your unconscious expression – even if you are not religious.

Week 2 – Reading, contemplating, and discussing this magical story (around 3000 words, online gathering will be for an hour)

  • A magical and empowering re-writing of the Garden of Eden story where the apple is eaten and Lilith and Eve are the heros – reading this creates a deep consciousness shift.

Week 3 – Reading, contemplating and discussing this ritual (around 2000 words, online gathering will be for an hour):

  • A revolutionary, apple eating, sex-magick ritual to reclaim your personal power and re-write the unconscious limitations internalised though male-dominated religious leadership – the ritual includes the option to re-open your third eye by removing any baptism or christening ‘holy water cross’ that may be blocking your astral vision.

Week 4 – Performing the ritual (this will take 1-2 hours) and joining a gathering to share and discuss (1 hour).

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See you on the other side!



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