How do you feel about living the life less ordinary?

What would change for you if you prioritised the development of your consciousness?

Would you love to to learn about an expanded reality–the something more?

Imagine that you can travel into the deepest and most secret realms of time and space from the comfort of your living room, without any mind-enhancing drugs.

How would your life change if you could explore everything the universe has to offer, from bouncing along with the vibrations of quantum reality to flying alongside the planets and stars of the cosmos?

What if you could have conversations with gods, or hear the wisdom of trees or stones? And what if these experiences could bring you immense psychological healing, massive emotional growth, and huge feelings of empowerment and fulfilment?

Do you want to develop your perceptive ability so you can experience this reality in its true glory?

These adventures in consciousness will inspire you to:
  • learn ancient technologies for healing and transformation.
  • discover the amazing mind-body that you are.
  • access the non-physical aspects of experience.
  • extend your capabilities beyond the 10%.
  • explore beyond the 5 senses.
  • understand how energy works and how to use it.
  • answer the big life questions – why am I here, what is my purpose?
  • gain more control over your life and your everyday experience.
  • be radical, be brave, be seen, and be heard.


The TEN is a map of consciousness.

This Psychonaut’s Journey Course is a guided tour on this map.

It offers a reintroduction of our ancient mystical heritage–-stripped of all unnecessary rules, superstition, dogma, and belief. I have worked to rediscover the source that lies at the root of the mystical Qabalah and the forbidden Tree of Knowledge and represent it in a way that is accessible via both body and mind. This enables you to set out on a pure and clear path to your own knowledge and wisdom.

This course is a personal study on The TEN map that you explore in your own time. You can take up to a year to complete it, if you wish. Or you might prefer to complete it sooner, or even do it twice.

There’s so much more to discover

On this course you will discover a portal entrance to every aspect of your psyche – like the part of you that feels LOVE, the part that LEARNS, the part that gets ANGRY or the part that engages in spiritual CONNECTION.

And then imagine that you could enter that aspect and explore, play in there, move things around, tweak things, and reveal bits that have been hidden. What kind of improvements would this bring into your life, do you think?

There’s more…

Imagine that you could go deeper – beyond your personal psyche and out into the world of the collective consciousness. A place where you can move through time and space, enhance your skills of intuition, telepathy, and healing, and make sense of the energetic reality of things.

There’s even more…

Imagine that you could travel even deeper, to a place where you feel totally connected with everything, expanded into profound love, and completely accepted for all that you are.

This will be your experience when working with The TEN.

In fact, once you know the path to each portal, you can choose to go to any realm you desire and work specifically there. So you can understand who you are, heal your pains and fears, and uncover your true self ready to express fearlessly into the world.

Join below to get access and start right away.

What you will get:
  • Lot’s of learning materials in the form of images, videos, and text to guide you through the process each week.
  • A daily meditation practice recording.
  • 11 different 50 minute guided journey recordings with a unique multilayered soundscape.
  • 3 initiation processes.

What others have said.
Watch the video below for more details.

Like the trees that grow from seeds, which bud and flower and pollinate, like the animals that find unashamed pleasure and sensuality in their bodies, like the galaxies that birth and expand and spiral, you are the microcosm of the macrocosm – a reflection of the cosmos, a universe ruled and governed by your own divinity. You are sex, you are creation itself – unfolding, revealing, manifesting.

See you on the other side!

Lilith X

I look forward to sharing your journey.

Your Transcendence Travel Guide x