Yay! You want to join The Rebel Witch Mystery School Inner Circle!

Please choose the payment plan most suitable for you below. You can choose to pay weekly or monthly.

I have also added a weekly and monthly payment plan with concessionary prices, for those who are on low incomes.

So have a look at the options below and pick the one which works best for you.

If these payment options are still out of reach for you, please email me and we can work out a regular payment that you can afford.

Once you have done this you will be a member of the Rebel Witch Mystery School Inner Circle and you can take part in the Samhain Open Ritual on the 1st November, after that we will be starting our next Deep Dive Process.

While you wait for the first gathering, you will soon have access to the Rebel Witch Library. Please take time to explore this and begin your steps into the Inner circle. You will get emails about this over the next few days.

There is no commitment and you can leave at any time. Just email me and we can stop the payments straight away.

I look forward to sharing your journey!

See you inside!

Lilith x

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Full Price Weekly payments

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Full Price Monthly payments

Concessions Monthly

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