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Mystery School Membership

If you can’t make the Monday evening Inner Circle gatherings, or if you prefer to work alone. You can still become a member of The Rebel Witch Mystery School and, through self directed learning experiences, discover ancient wisdom, rituals, and practices for empowerment, knowledge, and connection. One profound and life enhancing magickal experience to explore each week.

You will be guided through each of the courses below, one by one. The membership journey will take you from the inner world to the outer cosmos. It will give you everything you need to build your intuition, access your inner wisdom, and learn magick and esoterism.

Price is just £9 or £7 per week depending on your budget.

The Door to Magick
The Foundation of Magickal Practice.

The Four Elements – Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

  • Understand essential tools of magick.
  • Journey to new astral worlds.
  • Meet new powerful spirit guides.
The Power of Meditation
Have you met YOU?

3 Powerful Meditations to Heal the Deepest Core of your Unconscious.

  • Get to the root cause of your unhelpful behaviours.
  • Rewrite your neurological pathways.
  • Create a healing internal environment for your body-mind.
The Art of Spelling
Create Manifestation Rituals
for Any Purpose!

The Only Manifestation Ritual You’ll Ever Need!

  • Attract anything you desire into your life.
  • Learn the psychology behind magick.
  • Expand your mind, imagination, and consciousness.
The Psychonaut's Journey
The Tree of Knowledge.

A Guided Tour of the Esoteric Map of Cosmic Consciousness.

  • Discover a portal entrance to every aspect of your psyche.
  • Journey through astral landscapes.
  • Enhance your skills of intuition, telepathy, and healing.