The Source Tarot Deck

The Source Tarot Deck

The Universe in your Pocket

  • Find answers to all your burning questions.
  • Discover the best path to take in your current situation,
  • Understand your spiritual journey.
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The Source Tarot system is Qabalah/Kabala/Tree of Life wisdom that has been re-visioned, re-worked, and re-presented in its original perfect form. This pack is unique and true to the source of Tarot.

It is stripped of stories, but instead each image describes a universal force leading to deep discoveries within the unconscious landscape.

It is a map – each point on your journey will guide you to personal inspiration and profound revelation.

This pack is developed primarily as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, but it’s valuable for both meditation and intuitive readings.

The designs return to the ancient source knowledge which is a visual representation of the forces of nature.

This Tarot deck describes the structure of the universe, the process of manifestation, and is also a reflection of these forces within yourself.

This, I believe, is the closest you can get to the original teachings of this ancient mysticism upon which all tarot decks are based.

When using this Tarot deck, there is no need to learn 78 different meanings. You need only learn 15 things – the 11 forces shown here and the meanings of the 4 elements.

With these cards I can show you how to probe very deeply into the unconscious landscape to find out what is happening in there. All the instructions come with the cards.

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