the rebel witch mystery school(13)

Liberation and Empowerment for Wild Women and Heretic Wytches.

THE WEBCOVEN OF UNTAMED WYTCHERY is a powerful community where outcast wild women weave their rebel magick, once per week, in a live online coven gathering. We are unique and diverse mystics dedicated to learning and practicing magick together. We gather to reclaim our independence, defy the patriarchy, and embrace our untamed power.

Dear Rebel Wytches…

Welcome to WUW where community and connection are a priority. We learn from each other’s real and in-the-moment experiences, not from some dusty old book or a predatory self-professed guru.

Each week we gather in the (Zoom) webcoven for two hours of magickal adventure where we experience the practice together in real time.

Afterwards we share and talk about our experiences in a private online group where members can connect and discuss any time throughout the week. You may well develop strong and deep connections as you share in the powerful experience of group practice.

Wytch Club is dedicated to the serious job of gaining magickal knowledge whilst being a fun, healing, comfortable, and safely held space to step into your self-empowered innate wisdom.

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Read below the kind of thing we get up to:

Magick and Ritual

  • Raising a circle
  • The four elements
  • Wheel of the year rituals
  • Moon enchantment rituals
  • Talisman making
  • The art of Correspondence
  • Sex magick


  • Journeying
  • Full body energetic awakenings
  • The ecstatic state
  • Cosmic consciousness
  • ‘Past life’ exploration
  • The TEN process
  • Astral flight
  • Shape shifting

Meditation and Intuition

  • Enchantment
  • Sacred song
  • Intuitive movement
  • Intuitive speaking
  • Dream weaving
  • Tarot
  • Healing
  • Thoughts
  • Sensations
  • Breath


  • Releasing internalised beliefs
  • Rewriting new beliefs
  • Shadow work
  • Healing ancient collective wounds
  • Evoking deity
  • 3rd eye opening ritual
  • Marriage to self ritual

The Webcoven of Untamed Wytchery:

  • Provides an accessible non-discriminatory community where people can share ideas and experiences, learn from each other, and take part in discussions and shared experiences.
  • Offers a truly supportive network and genuine guidance towards spiritual growth and empowerment.
  • Enables you to access these powerful tools for consciousness expansion without having to grapple with religious dogma, belief-based thinking, or ‘high’ magick mystification.


  • I help wytches to stir the cauldron of magick and science to gain knowledge, empowerment, and fulfilment.
  • I will teach you magick, not just the usual stuff though, no. I’m literally OBSESSED with bringing you massive empowerment and knowledge with ZERO bullshit, religion, or superstition.
  • I bring you the nuts and bolts of magick, the real stuff, the quantum stuff, and the neuroscience behind it all.
  • This work helps you to GROW into yourself, to deeply KNOW yourself and to help you discover that what’s inside you is a powerhouse of amazing wisdom.

    We are a community of down to Earth, easy going, relaxed, but dedicated Rebel Wytches. We meet together in real time for 2 hours each week to learn and practice magick together.

Your Guide…

HI, I’m Lilith, I’m a body-mind psychotherapist who dances on the intersection between neuroscience, philosophy, and mysticism.

I have been supporting unique and quirky individuals to dive into bullshit-free magickal practice and to find their spiritual family for over 30 years.

I am a down-to-earth transcendence geek who subverts the harmful ideals of patriarchy and religion while guiding you on a practical, yet profound, path of empowering self-discovery.

Read more of my story here:

The enemy of empowerment is not self-doubt, it’s misinformation.

When you simply follow someone else’s wisdom, especially someone who is very different from you, you can end up feeling self-doubt and then begin to fear and mistrust your own intuition and your own internal wisdom.

If you are not heterosexual, slender, able-bodied, white, and cis-gendered, then your own experience is negated in spiritual communities that revere these attributes as ‘spiritual’, and you will feel fear or shame about being ‘wrong’ or ‘different’.

Many spriritual paths are also created by men and following them will only lead to wasted time and wasted money, with the irrelevant teachings eventually bring discarded because they don’t sit right with you.

I get it…

I had the same struggles when I was first introduced to the spiritual teachings and practice of ancient mysticism over 30 years ago. I knew there was something astonishing within this philosophy, but I could also see that it was entangled in a patriarchal misogynist web of spiritual deceit.

I could see right through the bullshit though. I stripped it of anything that was irrelevant, outdated, and based in superstition.

What I offer is a clear path to your own spiritual empowerment, one which acknowledges and validates YOU and YOUR lived experience, rather than one that tells you that you have to change, or be ‘better’, or deny the needs of your body and your reality?

Are you eager to gain access to the transcendence realms of consciousness, and discover answers to your burning questions about the great mysteries of life and the universe and how everything fits together?


I’m worried that I will lose my motivation…

In this Mystery School, not only will you have a group to share your rituals with, you will also have daily encouragement in the online private group. Also your experiences will be different each time. You may even find yourself craving the work to find out what you will discover in your next experience.

I always feel alone when learning online…

With this Mystery School there is a supportive community. We meet  in live video gatherings once per week. You will get to see and chat with all the other Rebel Witches so you can share and compare your experiences and learn from each other.

Spirituality and magick is confusing…

I agree, which is why I’ve made it my life’s mission to demystify this stuff. Everything is explained in clear language, there is no belief system to get your head around, and there are no rules to follow. We are rebels after all.

I don’t fit in with groups of ‘spiritual’ people, they don’t like me…

Ugh… yes, alienated by the fashionable ‘spiritual’ world of fake-smiley, positive, able bodied, healthy, white, heterosexual, people who tell you to ‘think positive’ and all will be well. The Rebel Witches don’t do any of that bullshit and we also welcome and celebrate diversity.