Is an all-encompassing radical journey of personal revelation and initiation guided by The TEN map. It offers dedicated and curious seekers a means to discover and then reveal their inner beautiful core that has been hidden behind fear and shame instigated by false religious and cultural ideals.

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It is a secular, yet profound, powerful and life changing spiritual practice. It guides you to discover your inner wisdom by giving you the tools to become a psychonaut and travel through the inner and outer transcendence realms.

Each week you will be sent a ritual-meditation to practice and you will be invited to join a group video gathering to share your experiences. Each day you can connect with other participants in a dedicated and supportive Facebook group.

We begin on February 23rd and the course lasts for 22 weeks.

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  • This process takes you step-by-step and deeper and deeper into yourself. Rather than telling you that you should be, it enables you to discover and express your unique perfection that has been hidden underneath layers of learned thinking and behaviour.
  • This work is an ongoing journey - one that allows you to embed learning deep into your psyche and to integrate it into your everyday life.
  • You get continued weekly support and encouragement from the community of dedicated practitioners to help you to keep going and to keep the learning alive and vibrant.
  • Through the weekly shared rituals and video gatherings you will learn all the tools of magick and mysticism.

The enemy of empowerment is not self-doubt, it’s misinformation.

Are you fed-up with being lied to by gurus who tell you that you can have anything you want if only you do x, y, and z, and that if you don’t have it all then you must be doing something wrong?

Do you crave a clear path to your own spiritual empowerment, one which acknowledges and validates YOU and YOUR lived experience, rather than one that tells you that you have to change, or be ‘better’, or deny the needs of your body and your reality?

Are you eager to gain access to the transcendence realms of consciousness, and discover answers to your burning questions about the great mysteries of life and the universe and how everything fits together?

Even if all the spiritual paths you’ve tried before have failed you, let me show you how a simple change in perspective can help you gain the self-empowerment and self-realisation you’ve been looking for.

Do you know what you know?

Most people think that spiritual and psychological growth and empowerment involves listening to the wisdom of a special kind of human – a priest, a guru, or a shaman (usually male) – or reading books and spiritual texts that these ‘special’ people have written.

These texts tell you how to behave, what to think and believe, what to eat, what to wear, and to follow their rules of right and wrong, in order to be ‘good’ and ‘spiritual’.

Have you ever felt like a failure because you can’t adhere to these teachings?

There is a common belief that somehow these people/these spiritual texts are better than us, that they have all the answers because they are privileged to have an exclusive direct line to a god, a spirit, or to some elusive universal knowledge.

The truth is…

You don’t need them.

Everything you need to know is already WITHIN YOU!
This astonishing information is something that has been previously hidden by countless religions and many more spiritual groups in order to keep you small.

The truth is…

YOU are the spiritual text and YOU are the guru!
You don’t have to go anywhere or be anything other than yourself to gain the healing, the growth, and the empowerment that spiritual and psychological wisdom brings. You don’t have to be special or have your own direct line to some external infinite wisdom.



When you simply follow someone else’s wisdom, especially someone who is very different from you, you can end up feeling self-doubt and then begin to fear and mistrust your own intuition and your own internal wisdom. If you are not a heterosexual, able-bodied, cis man, then your own experience is negated in spiritual communities that are led by them, and you will feel fear or shame about being ‘wrong’ or ‘different’.

Going to workshops, reading books, and following the teachings of these men will only lead to wasted time, wasted money, and the irrelevant teachings eventually bring discarded because they don’t sit right with you.

I get it…

I had the same struggles when I was first introduced to the spiritual teachings and practice of ancient mysticism over 30 years ago. I knew there was something astonishing within this philosophy, but I could also see that it was entangled in a patriarchal misogynist web of spiritual deceit.

I could see right through the bullshit.


I made it my mission to strip it of dogma, superstition, and false belief systems and to reveal the beautiful core of this life enhancing process. 

Underneath the lies, I discovered a practice that acknowledges and celebrates ALL of who we are, whoever we are.

But wisdom cannot be simply handed over – this is disempowering. I want more for you, so much more! My goal is to guide you on your quest to find the truth for yourself, so you can achieve self-empowerment, self-actualisation, and a deep connection with an expanded reality.

If you’re hoping for a quick fix, though, you’re in the wrong place.

‘Quick fix’ solutions are simply ineffectual…

Maybe your desire for improvement has meant that you’ve bought into the ‘quick-fix’ spiritual paradigm and you’ve ended up disappointed by the results, only to be told it’s because you did it wrong or you didn’t put in enough effort?

You go to your weekend workshop, you feel great for the next week or so but, just as quickly, everything you learned is gone and forgotten. This is such a waste of time and energy.

Real growth needs spaciousness…

Untitled Design(5)“Lilith is the most knowledgeable, insightful and skilled person when it comes to teaching and guiding in mysteries and magic. All of the things she can share are completely devoid of dogma or religion. You don’t have to ‘believe’ in anything but yourself. You can be a complete beginner and she’ll make you feel like you know everything you need to (because you do!). There is no judgement, only openness and fascination. Give it a try, it will change everything.”  

Nathan Welch

By the end of the course you will have:


  • learned and practiced the most powerful of healing meditations.
  • learned how to best use the tool of creative visualisation to heal emotional wounds of your past and enhance the possibilities of your present and future.
  • discovered your internal unhelpful belief system and how best to compassionately rewrite this.
  • revealed some of your deepest fears and found ways to feel safe again.
  • met and formed an alliance with your inner ‘superheroes’ who will help you on your journeys into the transcendence realms and in everyday life.
  • Explored and discovered the universal realms and understood how to balance and work with them.
  • Taken your seat on the throne that sits between the physical and the non-physical worlds.

Untitled Design(6)“If you are looking for deep wisdom, magick and mystery, you are in the right place. Journey to the centre of yourself and find infinite expansion. Travel to fantastical places and meet your most divine expression of yourself. The rewards you can reap from this enjoyable work are tangible, transformative and long-lasting. Highly recommended.” 

Aoife Brown“A


I’m worried that I will lose my motivation…

On this course, not only will you have weekly practices to complete, and daily encouragement in the group, your experiences will be different each time, you may even find yourself craving the work to find out what you will discover in your next experience.

I always feel alone doing online courses…

With this course there is a supportive community. We meet online in a live video gathering once per week. You will get to see and chat with all the other psychonauts on the course. You will be able to share and compare your experiences and learn from each other.

Spiritual and mystical philosophy is confusing…

I agree, which is why I’ve made it my life’s mission to demystify this process. I have everything laid out clearly on the TEN map, everything is explained in clear language, there is no belief system to get your head around, and there are no rules to follow.

I don’t fit in with groups of ‘spiritual’ people, they don’t like me…

Ugh… yes, alienated by the fashionable ‘spiritual’ world of fake-smiley, positive, able bodied, healthy, white, heterosexual, people who tell you to ‘think positive’ and all will be well. That’s not who the TEN community are.


My Guarantee to you…

If, after the first 8 weeks, you feel that this is not what you’re looking for. I will give you a full refund.

Lilith Wildwood B.A.(Hons.) M.A.

I am a lifelong mystic and a qualified and highly experienced psychotherapist.

I am the creator of The TEN Program - a dynamic experiential practice for personal and spiritual empowerment.

Working at the intersection of mysticism and psychology, my area of genius lies in combining my deep understanding of both the human psyche and the transcendent realms. I give my students everything they need - from the science behind the magick, to guidance and support for powerful rituals which lead to profound transformations.

I look forward to sharing your journey!