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Magickal Ritual of Bewitching Beauty

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Yule celebrates the birth of the Sun and the promise of returning warmth,
but this is also a time when we give thanks for winter’s enchantment,
and the icy spell of its bewitching beauty.

This FREE Magickal Experience
is on December 18th 2023


Calling all witches, pagans, and mystics, including beginners, the experienced crones, and the curious!

This is the tide of darkness that marks the season of the winter solstice.

The trees have lost their leaves, the animals sleep and dream for many nights.

It is from this dark silent world that our sun is reborn.

This reminds us that even in the darkest times of life there is always the light of hope.

This is Winter Solstice

Conceptual Sacred Geometry

Rituals like this consolidate what’s already happening in our bodies and minds, due to the changing seasons.

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Winter Solstice is the longest and darkest night of the year

It is also the time when the Sun is about to rise higher in our night skies once again.

Tonight we light this candle for the infant Solstice Sun; one small flame to pierce the darkness; a ray of Hope, a symbol of the Light within us all:

Light that can never be extinguished, even by the longest Winter night; Light that will grow into glory, waxing strong despite the cold to come;

Light that dispels despair and resignation, giving us a glimpse of golden days ahead. Behold the Light that can never die,reborn anew in the Solstice sky!


Observe Winter Solstice with us, in the Webcoven of Untamed Wytchery

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Step One

Enter the Circle

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Step two

Connect with the community

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Step 3 Three

Prepare your body, mind, and spirit

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Step Four

chant, dance, journey with magick

Close your eyes and I will lead you on a journey to find your inner light.

In ancient times these festivals were part of the planting, growing and harvesting cycle.  As many of us don’t grow our own food these days, our connection to the Earth can be forgotten…these festivals can help us connect on a very personal level.

What to expect during this Magickal Ritual



The Webcoven Wytches will be here to welcome you into the circle.



The journey will take you to a beautiful place within yourself.



Take part in the Winter Solstice Ritual to welcome the returning light.

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Welcome. I’m Lilith Wildwood, Heretic Witch and Magical Mentor.

A spell-casting, wand-wielding, cloak-wearing, witch, healer, priestess and eternal optimist, dedicated to helping you rediscover your magick.

My work is devoted to radical feminist witches who have felt alienated by spiritual communities. I’m a guide to the potent, and bullshit free, Forbidden Path to magick.

I have been walking the forbidden path for a lifetime and witnessed so much bullshit along the way.

I teach magick in a way that is simple, do-able, and jaw-droppingly, hilariously effective.

I’m the perfect geek and heretic wytch to guide women on their practical and profound magickal path.

I’m a body-mind psychotherapist working at the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy, and mysticism, and I subvert patriarchy at every opportunity.

The Wecoven of Untamed Wytchery is dedicated to the serious job of esoteric education and woman centred spirituality.

Lilith’s Forbidden Path is the path I have trodden every day for decades. And now it has become the name of the method I use to help women heal themselves from the trauma they have endured.

I share the ancient mysticism that Lilith has led me to reclaim, from secret, hidden corners of those harmful religions, without the dogma and lies that prevent women from experiencing their true power.

Thirty years ago I formed my first coven. Over the years it has evolved and changed, and at the start of 2020 we took our magick online. This intrepid band of feminist wytches has been pursuing magical adventures, walking the path of Lilith’s power, ever since.

I have personally witnessed this path change so many lives, in ways that are not rationally plausible.

I hope to have the opportunity to walk it with you, too.

With love and apples,