Rebel Wytch Magick

Live more magickally! Amplify your imagination, empower your mind, and supercharge your consciousness!

Empower yourself with clarity, self-knowledge, and understanding, about the metaphysical world.

It’s time to deep-dive into esotericism and psychology for radical and magickal consciousness evolution.

making magick

I’m Lilith,

Heretic Wytch and Magickal Mentor.

If you have felt alienated by spiritual practices that value ‘wellness’ and ‘sameness’ as the signifiers of spiritual progress, I’m here for you.

I offer a bullshit-free, honest, magickal path, and I honour your truest, deepest, wildest, and most profound self.

Step out of the mundane and into the miraculous with me.

Step into the realm of untamed witchery where outcast wild women and heretic witches unite to weave their rebel magick.

I see you! You’re different or quirky, you don’t fit in with the ‘normal’ world, yet you experience a unique intelligence that enables you to see beyond the everyday ‘reality’ that most people believe in? You may be neurodivergent or otherwise disabled, or you may be othered by the wider community for different reasons.

You are curious about non-physical reality, magick, meditation, and mysticism but you are struggling to find a genuine path because you’re alienated from spiritual communities due to not fitting into their limited boxes of ‘perfection’, straightness, and toxic positivity. You feel an urgency, a necessity, for self-realisation, but you’re unsure of where to start, where to go next, or simply what to do.

Let me help you! I teach Rebel Wytches to embody their power with a profound, yet dogma-free, unique spiritual practice. I actively reject spiritual ‘perfection’ and I reclaim as sacred the ‘imperfect’, the wild, and the sensual.