the rebel witch mystery school(3)
I am Lilith, Heretic Witch and Magickal Mentor.

I’m here for the outcast witches (the queer, the quirky, the disabled, the different, and the neurodivergent) who are ready to step onto a path of profound growth, but who are done with spiritual ‘gurus’ who dismiss their difference.

Are you fed up with spiritual practices that value ‘wellness’ and ‘sameness’ as the signifiers of spiritual progress?

Are you ready to step onto a bullshit-free, honest, magickal path that enables you to be exactly who you are while experiencing profound growth?

Then I’m here for you.

I bring you Magick for realists.
Mysticism, metaphysics, esotericism, and psychology for radical consciousnss evolution.

Develop a practical approach to profound psycho-spiritual growth.

Understand the neuro-biology of transcendence reality.

Learn the psychology behind magick.

Expand your mind, imagination, and consciousness

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Hi, I’m Lilith Wildwood - your transcendence travel guide

I am a visionary consciousness geek, a psychotherapist, and a queer, radical, autistic, witch.

I teach Rebel Witches to embody their power with a profound, yet dogma-free, unique spiritual practice.

I work to reveal the deceit of patriarchal and misogynist spiritual leaders and reclaim the empowering philosophy that they’ve hidden from us.

I actively reject spiritual ‘perfection’ and I reclaim as sacred the ‘imperfect’, the wild, the erotic, and the sensual.

I SEE YOU . . .



Yet you experience a unique intelligence that enables you to see beyond the everyday ‘reality’ that most people believe in?

You are curious about non-physical reality, magick, meditation, and mysticism but you are struggling to find a genuine path.

You’ve felt alienated from spiritual communities because you don’t fit into their limited boxes of ‘perfection’, straightness, and false niceness.

You feel an urgency, a necessity, for self-realisation, but you’re unsure of where to start, where to go next, or simply what to do.

Well I’m glad you’ve found Rebel Witch Magick.

I look forward to sharing your journey!

Lilith X