Explore the Astral World

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The astral world occupies the same space as the manifest world it simply vibrates at a different frequency. The vibrations of the astral world are interpreted via imagination, fantasy, symbols, psychic vision, archetypes, stories, ‘hunches’, and intuition. The more you resonate with the astral world during your magickal work the more you become open to it in the everyday reality. For example, you may find yourself walking home and having an insight about some future event, or during a woodland walk you may experience a darting, flashing energy amongst the trees.

Choosing to shift into a level of consciousness where you can access the astral world, through specific rituals or meditations, is useful for growth and transformation as it surpasses the limitations of the physical and sensual ‘reality’.

It is important to note that:

The mind does not know the difference between information it receives via the five senses and information it receives via the imagination.

For example when you dance your muscles respond by helping you move your body physically, but if you imagine you are dancing your brain will still send information to your muscles – you may even feel them twitching if the electrical impulses are strong enough. In the physical world you cannot fly, but if you imagine you are flying your brain will perceive this information and send the impulses to your body as if it were physically true. In this way, when you experience your reality through dreaming, imagination, or astral travel and allow yourself to explore freely, without limiting your possibilities, you are offering your consciousness new learning, new experience, new potential, new opportunity and, therefore, new growth.

In the astral world your personal boundaries are not limited by your physical body and your knowledge is not limited by your physical brain. Astral travel is the gateway to the collective consciousness. All moments of learning, thought, and experience from all forms of life and existence can be found here. In the astral world you have the answers to every question.

Astral Travel – Journey to Other Realms

There are many different ways to connect with the astral world – out of body experiences, visualisation, quantum leaping, or journeying. During astral travel you can potentially explore and heal many different areas.

When astral traveling, the experiences you have can be consciously directed or can be experienced passively – usually a bit of both. You will obtain knowledge and information through symbols, pictures, sensations, and stories – much like when you are dreaming. You may be ‘visited’ by people whose physical lives have ended. You may have ‘conversations’ with other human figures, animals, plants, rocks, other beings, or mythical beings.

Whether you see this as connecting with projected aspects of your own inner world, external astral beings, or universal consciousness, is up to you to decide. You don’t have to believe in this as ‘reality’ for it to be useful.

If you do this work regularly, some of these beings may become a repeated feature in your experiences and act as guardians or guides on your journeys. These encounters can be useful if you need the answer to a particular question and you have not yet fully integrated the ‘little-you consciousness’. Instead of just asking yourself (which of course you could) you can ask the symbols or beings you meet, bypassing the ‘little-you’ mind.

I look forward to sharing your journey.

With love and forbidden apples,

Lilith x