It wasn’t ok to be Woo!

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Wytch Blog | 0 comments

I was lying on my mum’s bed just, you know, waving my arms and legs in the air, as babies do. But on this day something changed.

I began to notice something strange. It felt like my flesh was expanding. I could feel a tingling in my whole body. Every time I inhaled, I experienced myself bigger.

Then my molecules began to expand – their edges opened out, the bits inside came loose and spun off. Then all those bits opened out too. I could no longer distinguish between thing and not thing – me and not me.

I felt myself and my body expand into vibration, space, movement, and energy. I felt nothing but infinite love and connection. l was all time and space. I was infinite light. My little baby consciousness grew and connected with everything else.

It was amazing!

I never forgot this, and I continued to have similar experiences as I grew. Each time I felt inspired, loved, and connected.

I wanted to share all this amazingness with people.

But, when I tried to talk about it, not a single person understood.

Although I felt infinitely connected on the level of consciousness, I felt alone in the social world. I was met with ridicule and even fear when I spoke of my experiences.

I eventually tried to hide it all and I practiced alone and in secret.

However, I knew there were others out there somewhere and I spent the next years of my life trying to find them.

I eventually did find my people. And, with newfound strength from these connections, I began to express my true self and to not bury my real identity anymore. I was able to fully step into the expanded reality, and I was able to fully step into myself.

I learned to love who I was and to embrace all my weird (normal) experiences.

Do you resonate with this?

Have you ever had a near death experience?
An out of body experience?
An experience of spontaneous transcendence?
Do you find the magical world compelling?
Can you feel energy?
Do you practice magick?
Are you a witch?

If so, I’m glad.

Are you fascinated by metaphysics, mysticism, and psychology?
Do you have a sense that there’s something more than the mundane physical reality that most people live their lives by?

Have you felt lost sometimes, or alone with all of this?
Have you ever felt the need to hide this part of yourself?

You know what?
We are ok!
We can be different, weird, woo, and OK!

Apart from being ‘normal’, my world is also mysterious, enchanting, and miraculous, and it isn’t always bound by the physical laws of time and space! Within this magical world I can find answers to any problem, explore different dimensions, soothe my fears, heal my hurts, experience surrendered peace, love completely, see and hear things that other people are unaware of, and have out-of-this-world adventures.

And it’s ok.

There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to express who you really are.

If it’s still a struggle for you, I get it.

But I’m with you. It’s ok to be Woo!

With love,
Lilith 💜⭐