Magick with a ‘K’

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Magick with a ‘K’

The practices here at the Mystery School have their foundation in magick – which includes western mysticism, esotericism, and ceremony or ritual.

So what is magick and why does it have the extra letter?

The ‘k’ was added to the word in order to differentiate it from both performance magic – card tricks, sleight of hand etc. – and things like ‘kitchen witchery’, ‘Wicca’, ‘folk magic’, or ‘spell craft’ etc. All of the types of magic/magick have their value, and none are better than any other. They simply have different purposes.

Magick (with a ‘k’) is particularly concerned with understanding the mysteries of the universe, the nature of consciousness, and the mechanisms of the body-mind via introspection. This knowledge then allows practitioners to make deep and lasting transformations within the body-mind by actively implanting internal beliefs which, in turn, will alter their perception of their external environment.

Magick (with a ‘k’) is also a practice which teaches the art of ‘transformation through unity’ – that is, creating change by unifying or aligning with a desired result.

In magickal practice this does not simply mean the acquisition of a new car or the gaining of a financial windfall (although this can be part of the practice). The desire of a practitioner of magick is to work towards unifying their expanded consciousness (‘higher/bigger’ or non-fear driven self) with the field of collective or universal consciousness.

Even a single second of this experience will change your perception of everything for the rest of your life.

This is achieved through specific and powerful rituals, meditations, visualisations, and contemplation practices which not only allow the practitioner to explore but they also work towards honing the skills of the body-mind so it becomes a powerful instrument ready to be utilised for various purposes.

During the practices, the awakening of body-mind abilities such as intuition, psychic ability, telepathy, energy healing, and synchronicity will be developed. This is an incredible side effect, but it is not the goal.

The long-term intention of this work is to understand and eventually express your ‘True Will’. This is a useful term to differentiate from the ego-based ‘will’ – desire and fear driven actions and behaviours.

True Will describes a state of knowing, living, and expressing your whole self from a place of expanded or unified consciousness and ongoing mindful presence. With magickal practice, your True Will is brought to conscious awareness and you become empowered to purposefully influence and control many (not all) of your experiences of life.

To achieve this, magick involves exploring and expanding the inner and outer consciousness and re-training and refining the body-mind processes. Using the tools of magick – ritual, sacred sex, meditation, visualisation, body awareness, self-exploration, expanded consciousness, and the ecstatic state – will bring personal growth, healing, and experiences of connection with the collective and the cosmic consciousness. With continued practice, it will eventually quieten your fear-based persona and reveal your truer more sovereign state. 

Magick is powerful stuff!

It allows you to have amazing experiences, to develop incredible body-mind skills, to make sense of the mysteries, and to feel greatly empowered in your life.

And that’s magick with a ‘k’.

Thanks for reading,

Lilith. x