Parallel lives, Quantum leaping, and past/future lives.

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Parallel lives, Quantum leaping, and past/future lives.

Have you experienced this yourself?

In this post, I’ll tell you a bit about the background of the process and some of the different theories around it. I’ll also tell you how it can enhance your life experience in the here and now.

Parallel lives

This perspective talks about the ‘many-worlds’ interpretation of past life experiences. It postulates that all the outcomes of every decision and every experience that can possibly occur actually do happen, but only one outcome can happen in each Universe. So it takes an infinite number of parallel Universes to account for all the possibilities. They are all floating around somewhere with all of us living our many different versions of ourselves. When we experience this in a ‘past life practice’ the theory is that we are connecting with one of these versions of ourself.

Quantum leaping

This perspective takes it’s name from something noticed in quantum mechanics where a quantum leap is a ‘discontinuous transition between quantum states’. What this means is that, within an atom, an electron in one energy state can jump instantly into another energy state. There is no in-between state, and it doesn’t take any time for the leap to occur. So when people have an experience somewhat similar to this during ‘past life practice’–moving quickly from one perspective to another, or from one ‘self’ to another–some mystics have named this process quantum leaping. Because our experience seems to be just like those jumpy electrons.

Past/future lives

This is the idea that you may have lived before (or in the future) and that we can have access to that particular life memory somewhere within our consciousness. When this is experienced, it can feel really like you are YOU, but a different YOU. You might be a different race, age, or gender, and yet you feel at home in your surroundings. You may experience ‘lives’ in the past or in the future.

The practice

When I lead ‘past life’ practice, I create the opportunity for any of these types of experiences (and other types) to emerge. Leaving it open like this means that participants can connect with exactly what is right for them at the time.

This work is so useful because, whether the experience is ‘real’ or not (and this, we will never really know even though it often feels extremely real and true at the time), our mind still has the experience of being in another body and in another time and place. This can expand your knowledge and understanding. It may help to solve a particular problem and it may show you a way towards healing and/or solving any issues that are current for you.

During the experience, anything can happen. You may become a more advanced or knowledgeable person, or have a different personality which you can try on and feel into. Or you may experience something scary and this person may deal with the scary thing in a way you would never do. Whoever (or whatever) you become, it will give you new knowledge, new understanding, and new perspectives on your present life.

These experiences can give you access to different possibilities of self expression, of thinking styles, of interaction, and of ability. This in itself will enhance our lives and bring healing.

Whatever experience you have, and you could have one that seems like any of these that I’ve described, or maybe something different, there’s always something really relevant and important to learn from it.
Have you had any experiences like this? I’d love to hear from you, if so.

Is it something you’d like to try or build into your practice?

I’d love to hear your thoughts/experiences, let me know.

With love,
Lilith X