Smile Meditation

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Wytch Blog | 0 comments

20 – 30 minutes

The true inner smile (rather than a superficial smile) brings an authentic feeling of love and safety into the body. Before you begin, take a moment to notice how you feel right now.

Use this meditation to help you feel centred, if you like.


When you are feeling centred and clear, bring your attention to your face. Scan your face, head and neck for sensations. Now, keeping the mouth closed, consciously allow the corners of your mouth to rise slightly into a smile.

If you don’t notice any changes, make the smile bigger. Involve your eyes and your cheeks. You may feel a rush of sensation in your heart or stomach, or across your chest. You may feel a release of tension. You may feel an urge to inhale deeply.

Notice the effect this has on your mood. What do you feel? Where does the feeling come in your body? Let this feeling radiate through your whole body. Enjoy it. When the time is up, take three energising breaths, and open your eyes.

Realise that this happy feeling came from an internal source. Know that you can choose to feel this any time. Take a moment to assess your mood and emotional state as you did at the beginning of this meditation and notice if there is a difference.